The 3 Trends You Didn't Know You Needed This Year

The 3 Trends You Didn't Know You Needed This Year

If new trends scare you, then you’re not alone. Tees and denim have been the bread & butter of every closet since we can remember, and we know how unnerving it is to try out a new trend you just saw on Insta. But, hey, it’s 2020 and it’s about time we give those basics an upgrade! We’re talking about a big refresh here, so find yourself a comfy spot and check out what these three trends will do for your closet this year!

Trend #1: Corduroy

Corduroy is making a big comeback lately, and we’re 100% loving every bit of it! Call it the new denim, but corduroy looks great as pants, jackets, shirts, and even skirts! Since you can wear it with anything under the sun, your daily looks will look extra composed no matter what the occasion!

Going to meet a friend? Throw on a corduroy top.

Going to the mall? Wear a cozy hoodie!

Trend 2: Monochrome

Heads up, guys, this trend is not just for the ladies. The monochrome trend has several perks such as making you look taller in a snap! *wink wink* Did we mention it makes a great power look, too? As long as they're from the same color family, you're good to go!

Men, take note:

Our tip for the ladies, pair these up!

Trend 3: Print on print

We get why a print on print pairing is intimidating for most people, but this pairing does not have to be loud and eye-catching all the time. If you're new to the trend, go for subtle prints and add a whole dose of fun to your outfit for the day.

Time to own up to these trends! Shop all these and more now at!