5 Unusual New Year Resolutions You Might Actually Do This Year

Let us guess, you have “hit the gym” in your list again this year, don’t you? Every year, we list down the same things as everyone else and even though it’s not exactly a bad thing, we want your 2020 to be different this time around. Start with a specific scenario and make your unique resolutions from there! To get you started, here are some of our fresh resolutions for the year—starting with your fitness journey!

Listen to a novel or podcasts while working out


They say the best way to stick with a resolution is to make it more doable for you! Don’t have the time to read more books this year? Easily cross that off your list and listen to an audiobook or podcast while working out! Win-win situation!

Start a new tradition with your friends


If you’ve ever seen the film “Tag” then you’ll know how a tradition with your friends will keep your circle tight until you’re all old. Sit your crew down and pour yourselves a glass or two, and brainstorm a monthly or yearly tradition you’ll all agree on. Fun fact: the film was based on true events, so you know you can vouch for it!

Print out your vacation photos


With the age of Instagram stories and online albums in full swing, it’d be a good change to take things back to old school. No, we’re not just talking about taking your photos on polaroids or using film cameras, have your mobile photos and selfies developed! That way, you can easily look back on your best trips this year—minus all the scrolling.

Volunteer at least twice this year


Take up an advocacy you feel closest to and volunteer your time and efforts to a cause! There’s plenty of programs out there for everyone, we’re sure you won’t regret helping out!

Add 1 fruit in your daily meals


Healthy living doesn’t just mean “eating more veggies” or “going vegan”. It also comes in small acts of slipping in one healthy eat at a time, everyday! Start with your favorites fruits and citruses, then expand your fruit selection towards the middle of the year!

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