The Four Things You Need to Add to Your Closet for a Preppy Wardrobe

Do you have these in your wardrobe already?

When you think preppy, the polo-and-shorts uniform is always top of mind. After all, the prep style is all about the classic, fresh, and collegiate look, and a polo-and-shorts pairing spell that. But there are other pieces that help add an instant dose of prep to any outfit, too. Read on as we list down the four non-negotiables in a prep’s wardrobe.


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A polo will always be on top of any preppy wardrobe list. While polos in solid colors are essentials, it’s good to have a few pieces with fashion details, too. Contrast trims, anyone?

Anything Striped

One thing’s for sure, one can never have too many striped pieces in the closet. Go for a striped top you can easily dress up or down depending on the occasion.


Preps usually go for the classic khaki pair, but you can take the road less traveled by and opt for a pair of printed shorts instead!


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No, we don’t mean the boring blacks and whites. Think bright colors, prints, and patterns!

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